The Power Of my Perfect Love


Will I find you now?

I can only imagine over how many lives

We have been kept apart

How many ill-fated marriages

We endured without one another

Seeking each other in other people

Never finding ourselves.


What was your name

When you left me at the birth of this world

And we became separated by the dualistic powers

Of that Demon who keeps the world in chains

What is now your name, my Love?


He condemned us to the despair of separation

But now I have broken loose from his chains

And I look beyond the darkness

My heart calls out your Soul, my Love

So that it may answer

That other part of myself

I know that you exist

But where are you my Love?


I have sought you, never grasping

Why I could never

Be fully at peace

But now I have conquered the hell

That was my inner duality

Now I understand why

My heart was never at rest

What I need today

Is that other part of myself

So that we can be who we are

At one with the Universal Love  

In faith and with Love I call out

To the other half of my soul

Still lost somewhere

In that vast ocean of lives 

But now I am ready to find him

To express true Love

The Love that is nothing but love

The Love that transcends

The evil power of the ego

So that we may be united

In a true marriage

Forever blessed by God. 

We will remain in our embrace forever

In the Perfect Kingdom

Where the power of our Love

Will shed light on the underworld

And free the hearts of men

And then, at last, we shall witness

Perfect Love ruling over the world

And the hearts of all men and women

Will be united in eternal bliss

I love God 


Where are you, my Love

Does your heart hear my call?

Do you feel the overwhelming force

Of my Perfect Love that seeks you

Amidst this imperfect world?

Where are you, my Love

My heart knows that you and I

Shall be forever united

In the sphère of the Universal God





 Rose bouquet




















Date de dernière mise à jour : 05/08/2021